Setting Up a Representative Office in Vietnam

What are the functions of a representative office?

Generally speaking a representative office can do all of business activities that the parent company does except direct trading in Vietnam. All contracts must be signed by the parent company and all of the payment MUST go to the parent company.

What are the advantages of a representative office?

What are the procedures of setting up a representative office?

  1. There are four steps that need to fulfilled to set up a representative office and operate legally:
  2. Obtain the main license.
  3. Submit the chief representative's income tax and labour declaration.
  4. Obtain the operation license.
  5. Obtain the representative office stamp

What should I plan before setting up a representative office?

What kind of documentation should I prepare for the application?

How much time does it take to finish everything?

How much does it cost?

Typically cost is about US $700 to $1000 plus administration fees (see below)

Administration fees: translation fees, notarization fees, license fee and the stamp fee which typically cost US $350 to $500.

Can AccessVietnam process my application?

We no longer provide this service and you should seek the help of a law office or an office/individual specializing in business related matters. It is also possible to complete the application yourself. However, you will need the assistence of a translator to ensure that you fully understand the requirements of the official processing your request

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