Buon Ma Thout

Buon Ma Thout, the capitol of Dac Lac province, is located in the western highlands to the north of Dalat. The regions main source of income comes from growing and processing coffee, reputed to be the best in Vietnam. If you are very lucky you may be able to find an English speaking guide who will organize a visit to one of the coffe plantations or processing facilities. Yok Don National Park is within easy reach of Buon Ma Thout.

In Buon Ma Thout town you can visit the Ethnographic Museum which has a collection of traditional dress, agricultural tools, musical instruments etc. There is also the Revolution Museum and Victory Monument which commemorates the North Vietnamese troops victory in 1975 when they took the city.

Getting There

Vietnam Airlines operates regular flights from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Buon Ma Thout. You can also go by bus from Danang and Dalat or Ho Chi Minh City. There is a bus service from Hanoi but this takes around 20 hours.

"I hadn't been to this city since 1968, the people are polite & friendly which helped bring back my memories of BMT from so long ago when I was in US Army during the conflict. In Nov 2006 good weather - cool but nice, even rode an elephant in one of the tourist park attractions south of the city and enjoyed the fresh mountain air. Don't forget to see Buon Don town north of BMT with its coffee industry and rubber trees. I really enjoy being with the everyday rural people there as we traveled by 16 pass air conditioned van from Nha Trang to BMT and return, van rental + driver is very cheap." - Vern

Hotels in Buon Ma Thout

Below is a list of hotels in Buon Ma Thout sorted by price range (highest first). If you wish to telephone a hotel the area code for Buon Ma Thout is 050 (+8450 from outside Vietnam).

  • White Horse Hotel
    Price Range: Up to $65 per night
    61 Hai Ba Trung, Buon Ma Thout (Tel: 853963, Fax: 852121)
  • Tang Loi Hotel
    Price Range: Up to $65 per night
    3 Phan Phu Trinh, Buon Ma Thout (Tel: 857615, Fax: 857622)
  • Cao Nguyen Hotel
    Price Range: Up to $65 per night
    65 Phan Phu Trinh, Buon Ma Thout (Tel: 855960, Fax: 851912)
  • Banme House
    Price Range: Up to $50 per night
    3Km north of city, Buon Ma Thout (Tel: 851001)
  • Guesthouse 19/8
    Price Range: Up to $25 per night
    Nguyen Tat Thanh, Buon Ma Thout (Tel: 869211)
  • People Committe Guesthouse
    Price Range: Up to $35 per night
    8 Hai Ba Trung, Buon Ma Thout (Tel: 852407)

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