Bao Loc

baoloc Bao Loc is on Highway 20 around 100km from Dalat and 130km from Ho Chi Minh City. This is a good stopping off point if you intend to visit Di Linh. Not far from Bao Loc is the spectacular Dambri falls. You can either walk to the top of the falls or take the cable car. It is well making the effort since you will be rewarded with one of the most breathtaking views in the Vietnam.

"I recently was in Bao Loc Nov 2006 on my way to Dalat, we arrived at night from HCM City but found the town a very nice friendly place to stop, townspeople were very accommodating and assisted us in very reasonable hotel rates for the evening, remember to barter prices as it really helps. Main Hwy 20 to/from Bao Loc is narrow and twisty thru the mountains but I liked the opportunity to see Vietnam at its nicest in climate and people watch at the same time. it is worth the time here. don't forget to see Di Linh also and buy/savor its local coffee and teas. great time for us as we traveled by 16 pass van with its cheap rental rate inc driver." - Vern

Getting There

You can take the bus from either Ho Chi Minh City or Dalat. Many visitors will use Bao Loc as a stop off point on their way to Dalat.

Hotels in Bao Loc

Below is a list of hotels in Bao Loc sorted by price range (highest first). If you wish to telephone a hotel the area code for Bao Loc is 063 (+8463 from outside Vietnam).

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