Night Clubs in Hanoi - Also See Bars

Apocalypse Now 5C Hoa Ma, Hanoi Tel: 9712783

Boss Night Club Fortuna Hotel 6B Lang Ha Hanoi- Tel: 831 3333, Fax: 831 3300

Club Monaco Discotheque 20 Hang Tre, Hanoi Tel: 824 4233

Club Q Hanoi Daewoo Hotel, Hanoi 360 Kim Ma, Tel: 8315000

Dong Da Magic 3 Thai Thinh, Tel: 5630257

Exotoca Nightclub 2 Yen Phu Road, Hanoi Tel: 8238888 ext 5322

Green Lake Night Club Lake Side Hotel, 6A Ngoc Khanh, Tel: 8350111

King Palace Night Club Lake Side Hotel 23 Ngoc Khanh - Tel: 835 0111

Lake Star Night Club Lake Side Hotel 23 Ngoc Khanh, Tel: 8350111, Fax: 8350105/21

Lido Discotheque 46 Hang Cot, Tel: 8257773

Magic Moo Club 23 Thai Thinh - Tel: 5630257

Metal 57 Cua Nam, Tel: 8241975

New Century 10 Trang Thi, Hanoi Tel: 928 5285

New Queen Bee 42 Lang Ha, Hanoi Vietnam Tel: 8350938

Paradise Club 19 Han Thuyen, Tel: 8247697

Royal Palace 20 Hang Tre, Hanoi Tel: 844233

Sparks 88 Lo Duc, Hanoi Tel: 8257207

Up & Down Bar Cosmos Bowling Center, 8B Ngoc Khanh, Hanoi Vietnam Tel: 8318668

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