Hoi An - Getting There & Getting Around

There is a regular bus service to/from Danang but most peole take on of the minibuses that run between Hoi An and Danang, Hue or Nha Trang. Most hotels will be able to arrange a ticket. Hotels in Danang will be able to organise a car and driver to take you on a day trip to Hoi An, stopping at Marble Mountains on the way.

Hoi An is quite a small place so you can walk everywhere quite easily. Hiring a rowboat with oarsperson is a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours, or you can take a motorised launch to the nearby My Son area.

Hoi An

Hoi An - Places to Eat

There are many cafes on Nguyen Hue, Bach Dang and Tran Phu. They cater to wide variety of tastes including Western, Vietnamese and Chinese. The speciality of Hoi An is fried won-ton, try Ly Cafe at 22 Nyugen Hue for some of the best in town.

Hotels in Hoi An

The number of hotels in Hoi An has grown tremendously in recent years but the local government has now put a block on new developments in the town centre. Prices for accommodation have come down, and at the same time standards have risen. Most hotels are within easy walking distance of the centre. New hotels have opened along Cua Dai towards the beach.

Below is a list of hotels in Hoi An sorted by price range (highest first). Online booking is available for all recommended hotels, click the hotel name to view details. If you wish to telephone a hotel the area code for Hoi An is 0510 (+84510 from outside Vietnam).

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